COMBI System

Plants for anaerobic and aerobic sewage treatment. The gas produced during the anaerobic stage can be used by congeneration units to produce energy.

Industrias la Constancia
Country: El Salvador
Client: Sabmiller Brewery
Industry: Brewery
Inlet: 1,040 m3/d
Load: 2,780 kg COD/d
Tropical Crystal
Country: Costa Rica
Client: Florida Productora S.A
Industry: Lemonade production
Inlet: 1,500 m3/d
Load: 6,265 kg COD/d
New Belgium
Country: Colorado, USA
Client: New Belgium Brewing Co.
Industry: Brewery
Inlet: 410 m3/d
Load: 6,150 kg COD/d
Belize Brewing
Country: Belize
Client: Belice Brewing Co. Ltd.
Industry: Beverage production
Inlet: 1,200 m3/d
Load: 2,450 kg COD/d
Country: Brasilien
Client: Cervejaria Paraense S.A.
Industry: Brewery
Inlet: 3,500 m3/d
Load: 10.3 t COD/d